Capstone Construction is a culmination of the vision and leadership of its founder. Capstone’s hand-picked team members are the backbone of Capstone, bringing their own particular supporting talents and experience. Together, they are dedicated to building spectacular one-of-a-kind speculative and custom homes in the most exclusive Nassau neighborhoods, including Albany, Lyford Cay and Old Fort Bay.

Capstone is known for its commitment to deliver homes with the same exactingly high standards of construction, materials, products, and hand-crafted finishes that are instrumental in the longevity and beauty of the finest residences in North America and around the world. While building homes for the luxury island lifestyle is a special niche, it need not lack any of the technological advances or material comforts of mainland life.

The cornerstone of Capstone’s mission is to remain true to the Island’s unique and distinctive aesthetic appeal, while always meeting or exceeding the highest-quality global standards in its techniques and materials. The Capstone team brings its clients a rare of mix of international experience, an understanding of high-profile client expectations, and a deeply entrenched community connectedness in Nassau and beyond.

After all, you must first build a relationship of trust and respect with a client before you can build that client a home.